LegionTD Revo A9R3 and A10

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LegionTD Revo A9R3 and A10

Post  von_Oberstain on Thu Oct 31, 2013 7:58 am

As you may noticed, the activity around Legion TD Pro (X1) and Legion TD Revo (X3) is increased. Currently, there is A10 version of Pro, containing:
1. A new race – Twisted Mech
2. Balancing of Elite barracks
3. Fixing several Corrupted nature bugs, mainly spiders (being OP, and a bug that gave second upgrade way too strong poison)

Our new – in fact old, this is just his first announcement as admin, anyhow, Saucer is officially admin for all sub-forums, even MEGA – HuanAK made him the one in charge officially. But don't expect too much activity from him – his spare time is sparse, even more so than mine. Saucer is a friend, more interested in Revo than in Pro, and a master-programmer responsible for substantial improvements in game code, and exquisite bot-system which will launch soon (as-soon-as-it's-done), but will be a sight to behold – practically lag-less and based on much improved Ghost++ and containing other improvements which will probably everyone notice, but no one (except probably HuanAK) could understand – myself included.

Our new friend and admin Kongk will likely be more active, so feel free to suggest and ask and expect communication – much more than I used to do.

Legion TD Revo is a Kongk main field of interest, there is evolutionary vA9R3 – rather playable, but in need of balancing, and at the same time evolutionary vA10 which will introduce more additional units, race, new modes and many other improvements. But to hear it from the man himself, since he has done a tremendous amount of work on this.

Anyway, the last few months we've been quite busy, and results are nearing. Expect more in the future.

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