Legion TD Revo Alpha 9 r3 and Legion TD Revo Alpha 10

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Legion TD Revo Alpha 9 r3 and Legion TD Revo Alpha 10

Post  Kongk on Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:58 pm

Hello Everyone Very Happy

As Von Oberstain mentioned, things are moving forward on Legion TD Revo and Legion TD Pro.. As he also mentioned, we are 3 guys working together on these maps (Legion TD Pro is mostly Von Oberstain though)..  

Atm. We have Legion TD Pro Alpha 10 as the newest map out for testing and the newest Revo map is Legion TD Revo Alpha 9 r3.. Alpha 9 r3 has alot of balance tweeks compared to Alpha 8, but it also contain some minor experiments:

-More Wood on start
-2 Bosses instead of one

Both things seemed to have worked fine and will probably be a part of the game in the future..

(For players that haven't played Legion TD Revo before i think all the new units, new races, new barracks and new modes (Compared to Mega) will be the most attractive part of the game.. Especially -db (dual builder) and -tb (trible builder) seem to be very popular).

Legion TD Revo Alpha 9 r3 isn't entirely new though.. It has been out for testing for a couple of months now.. This means that we in the meantime have spent a lot of hours on Alpha 10 (which isn't ready yet).. Alpha 10 will include some revolutionary things, which i wont go into details about..

Anyways, we all look forward to Saucer's new bot-army, which he has been working alot on for some time now.. The bots will make Legion Revo and Legion Pro more available on Battle-net.. In the meantime you might be lucky catching a game on the test bot..

I hope you will enjoy Wink

Best Regards



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