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Post  hhhiii on Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:50 pm

I am amazed by the ghost race which create by Lisk since 1.60b. Although it has become a weak race in legion mega, I still love to study it build. In recent mega version Huannk make some very crucial change in some unit. –forsaken become heavy armor –meridian hp increase to 1000. I will show you how ghost can defend well with high income like other race.
Sv=soul of villain sh-soul of hero Mr=meridian Mc-mecurial o=outcast f=forsaken a=apparition g=gravekeeper w=wraith h=hellriser
Round 1 -Outcast, wanderer, whisp
Round 2 -Soul of hero, 2x whisp during round
Round 3-2x wander, change soul of hero to attack stance(100% 1 strike kill), whisp if got 170 total gold
Round 4-phantom, change soul of hero to defend stance, lumberjack upgrade during round
Round 5-soul of hero(change both soul hero to attack stance so 100% 2 hit kill), whisp during round so you will have 6/1 , 715 value
Round 6-outcast
Round 7-hell riser,soul of hero or wanderer(depend the money u have)
Round 8- soul of villain or wraith, whisp n lumberjack upgrade during round
Round 9-save
Round 10-apparition, lumberjack upgrade if u have 255 gold left
----o sh sh sh o
----a h sv--
Round 11-hell riser, upgrade lumberjack if have enough gold
Round 12-outcast, phantom, upgrade lumberjack if have enough gold
Round 13-outcast,hell riser, 2610 value, upgrade lumberjack if have enough gold
Round 14-outcast,wraith, lumberjack upgrade if can
Round 15-see next, lumberjack upgrade if can
Round 16-u should have 2xmecurial, 3 forsaken or 1x merucial 4 forsaken at tis round with 3800++ value, 7/6~7/8 lumberjack
Round 17&18-see next
Round 19-u should have 1 Meridian, gravekeeper, 3 outcast with 5300++ value,placement:
f f f f o sh sh sh o
----h g sv h h
---o Mc Mc---
Round 20-see next
Round 21-u should have 1 Meridan, 2 forsaken with 6400++ value
Round 22-upgrade all forsaken with all gold
Round 23~27-see next, but lvl 24 u will leak above 10 depend on ur value
Round 28-u should have 5~6 Meridian, and other gold all go to soul of hero(u can choose to build forsaken but very bad tank for lvl 29), with around 13000 recommend value
Round 29&30-Meridian or soul of hero or forsaken, it is ur choice
All tis build are base on beta 8, I no sure the creep will affect 23 to 27 how much, but meridian slow is very imba against those melee unit with weaken aura.
I am lazy to upload a video cause it take long time, u can ask me if something no right.It is best for u to test in single mode, but i can expect ghost going weaken cause lvl 24,25,26,27 become harder.


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Ghost Build Empty Re: Ghost Build

Post  Dazzlee on Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:42 am

An Update on that build would be nice, i personally dont find myself a good build that works fine.


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