New Ghost Builder. see itttt..

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New Ghost Builder. see itttt..

Post  Tester on Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:30 pm

Hey all. gj eGze and CC...

In 1st place, I think the Legion's one of the best existing Td in warcraft and the most played.

My suggestion to modify the race and Ghost to be a good race on offense weaker in defense. (Even if the description is so).

In my opinion created for x1 (normal mode) than to a x2 x3.

and here are my suggestions for the builder's Ghost:

- Phase out removed.
- Can cast Disturb now.
* Doesn't work on bosses.
* 15% slow/move speed and attack speed.
-Disturb ability removed to replace on Convulsion.
* Area affect (max 3 units).
* Doesn't work on bosses.
* Slows attack and move speed by 25% last 5 seconds.

- Cost reduced fro150 by 130.
- Traumatize ability removed to replace on Soul Banish.
* Can fires an dark missile that curse the attacking unit, making him take 50% to miss the attack.
* Doesn't work on bosses.
* When unit die he explode dealing 25 damage in small area.

- Removed unit model and his name replaced in Ghost Warrior.(not to be confused with phantom and hell raiser/MAP download online).
- Attack up from 16-20 to 19-20.
- Hit points grown from 285 to 325.

Soul of hero:
- Removed unit model and his name replaces in Jackal.(inspired by the '13 ghosts')
- Gold cost changed for 140.
- Change Stance removed.
- New ability:
* Ghost Essence - Can now reduce all income damages by 6.(Units who have 6 damage below cant damage).
- hp changed from 815/710 to constant 895 hp.
- Attack damage to 65-85.
- Attack cooldown to 1.1

Soul of vilian:
- Removed unit model and his name replaces in Arkeront.
- Violate ability now bounce on 3 units reducing 3 armor for 5 seconds.
- Attack reduced to 50-55 magic damage.
- Hp reduce from 565 to 500.

fantom: No change

Hell Raiser:
- Hp increase from 580 to 600.

- Hp buffed from 1040 to 1250.
- Cost from 200 to 210.

Forsaken One:

- Hp buffed from 1705 to 1830.
- Armor now are medium.(Many games have proven that light disrupts the armor in a game for being the largest tanker of ghosts).


- Hp nerffed from 665 to 700.
- Gold cost from 250 to 235.


- Hp nerffed from 1025 to 1270.
- Change Despair Aura to Gravedigger:
*Every enemy he kills, add one charge, when you have 10 charges release Death Presence that deals 30 on max 10 units and reducing his attacks damage by 18%(9% on bosses).

Dark Priest:

- Cost changed from 325 to 295.
- Haunting ability removed, added a spell that makes more sense.
*Hysteria - Modifies the mind of the enemy making him attack a friendly unit for 3 seconds, when it explodes effect 45 dmg, hurting everyone in the 275 aoe.
- Attack damage from 100-121 magic to 117-138 piercing.


- Cost changed from 350 to 375.
- Catastrophe ability changed:
*Chains Of Supernatural - Can links 5 enemy units that receive the same damage and adds aditional 15% damage taken, when all 5 units die can heal all u units in 150 hp.
*When cast in boss chains slows the attack speed and move speed of bosses by 20%, when die heal 250 hp of all units.
- Ghost essence can protect 100% incoming damage to taking on Hp.
- Meridian max mana buffed to 1350.

Thank you for reading this post, comments.... I love you I love you I love you


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Re: New Ghost Builder. see itttt..

Post  PROcuratorDotA on Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:54 pm

I like most of ur ideas but some things must stay.
Spectre, Wraith - I will vote to change their abilities and probably increase cost too - slightly. Phase out will be an option in upgrades to buy replacing with special spells or just add dodge, gonna see. Mercurial's cost will probably not be decreased but I will ask egze can we lower the cost in food to 1. Wanderer - gonna check is he balanced now, I think he is no sense in changing, gonna check... Soul of Hero - no changes. Sol of Villain - I will think about it but probaly upgraded Gravekeeper will have armor reducing aura as well. Hell Raiser - probably +20hp will not change anything, but ok, Outcast and Forskaen1 is big problem. They are meant to be a tanks but they are not, same with Mudman/Golem I think it is special in Offensive races that they don't have good tanks. Anyway Forskaen 1 is a bit underpower tank/dps I will consider adding same hp, promise. Apparition is kinda expensive now - Graveeeper and its upgrade will have increased cost while Apparition decreased I think. Dark Priest and Merdian will definiatelly change probably they will get better, Dark Priest will not suck anymore, his skill will turn to be usefull, gonna think about it.
Good Job man, can u help me with next upgrades of Dwarve? Kind of imba towers etc. Check Suggestion Section.


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Re: New Ghost Builder. see itttt..

Post  PROcuratorDotA on Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:22 pm

1 more thing - can U write next balance sheets such as it? It helps a lot moreover I am kind of out of practise now so these ideas help us a lot, play do it with other races.


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Re: New Ghost Builder. see itttt..

Post  guest1 on Tue Apr 05, 2011 9:32 am

Ghost race definitely need some buffing they are kinda weak.


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Re: New Ghost Builder. see itttt..

Post  ZinGir on Thu Apr 14, 2011 2:39 am

Seems like you missed the point of ghost... ( ANTI BOSS SKILLS )
2ndly ghost doesnt need a buff there fine i can easly kill all waves with ghost no problem.

But ofcourse like so many other things why work on your self when you can change the whole race ( to even more op bull shit )


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Re: New Ghost Builder. see itttt..

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