how much further is legion going to fall

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how much further is legion going to fall Empty how much further is legion going to fall

Post  KatyPerrysRoar on Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:47 am

first there was x1, fun, real skill to income with no leakers but no one plays anymore cause only 1 bot ever hosts it. then x3 which had potential but broken units and needed a fix. which came in the form of mega, which was god awful. first new legion where the "skilled" players talking about the importance of a strategic leak cause income is more important in a tower defense than taking waves.

now I come back on after a year and legion x10 and new thing is "don't send level 10 or 20 cause we all raged income instead of building and we're all going to leak it because in the end all that matters is I have the highest income regardless of leaks or winning the game"

fun tower defense. can't wait to see next step back. my guess is ull get rid of waves all together and just make 30 levels of building workers for more lumber. cut out the waves, they are just an annoyance that no one pays attention to anyway.


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how much further is legion going to fall Empty Re: how much further is legion going to fall

Post  Kongk on Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:31 pm


I'm not going to spend much time on answering this. Because, honestly, I have much better things to spend my time on. Shortly though, income is a part of most (if not all) kinds of tower defense games. And in any game with income as a portion of the game, the key objective is to optimize income as much as possible without leaking. Becauce that will make you win the game. That being said, most TDs are teamgames, therefore team spirit also plays a key role.

If you think that the focus on income started with X3, you are terribly wrong! All decent X1 players boost their income as much as possible.. It is really not a new thing, and has been a part of legion TD, like forever.. In terms of the X10 version, I won't really comment on that. It is a HACKED version, hacked by people who are exploiting HuanAK's hard work to their own benefits. I strongly encourage people to only play official versions, or to create "their own" version by using the 1.5 map Lisk released for people to develop further.

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