Music bug & Hotkey bug

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Music bug & Hotkey bug

Post  Kryzon on Sat Dec 17, 2011 8:52 am

Hi all,
I sent an e-mail to HuanAK but I don't know if he got to see it, so I thought I should post here.

After the first arena level the background music breaks.
We can hear the countdown sound-effect, but as soon as that ends and the battle starts the music silences.
If you force-play the music with CTRL+M twice you can hear the track HuanAK originally intended for the players to hear (a 'dramatic battle' theme), but somehow it's not being played correctly.

After the arena battle, warcraft3's default background music for the race of the player stops playing, and if you force-play it again with CTRL+M twice you can only hear the arena's 'victory theme'.

Everytime the Advanced Barracks receives new creep stock (like at level 10 or 15), we lose the hotkey assignment for it (hotkeyed with CTRL+1,2,3...).
You need to change the creep stock trigger not by replacing the barracks with a new house that looks just like it but has the new creep - this new house won't have the hotkey assignment.

My suggestion:
- Make the units' 'Stock Maximum' value be zero, and 'Stock Start Delay' be something like '1 second'. Keep the 'Stock Delay' as usual, don't change it.
- When the unit is supposed to be available (level 10 or 15), change 'Stock Maximum' to '2' or whatever value it should be. The unit should be then available.


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Re: Music bug & Hotkey bug

Post  HuanAk on Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:42 pm

I remove the music, let me know if it still bug on beta 1

for advance barrack, It fixed the hotkey bug.


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