Legion td X3 - TOO EASY

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Legion td X3 - TOO EASY

Post  kolia1 on Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:17 pm

-3X just seems to easy when king is strong with just a little upgrades, perhaps give upgrade attack would be +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 and so on until +50, which gives a maximum attack of 1260. Compare to currently +6 +30(40) = 1206, and make it a cooldown of 10 seconds so if you wanna upgrade king, its the TIME TO DO NOW.

-i realise many unit's skills doesnt mention what they do, or just doesnt have any effect, eg. goblin first unit upgraded to the max, fire machine and doesnt do what it says, the skill BURN, i thought it was immolation but then causes me to leak a full wave with a whelp... for goblin scholar too.. the skill isnt in place but skills works, jumping text all around should be changed

-the creeps at round 10-20 are really easy, so easy that a guy who failed 1-10 and rush lumber can defend himself from 17-30+, give them(creep) more health, more damage too, and change all fortified armour creeps' attack to siege, i played legion td mega and i think its decent, fairly hard, hard enough for you to try to NOT LEAK else it would be real serious damage to the king since king takes time to upgrade with the following suggestion above too, maybe upgrade the creeps to legion td mega standards, 100 lumber for king's upgrade looks fine.

-make lumber upgrade more costly because it is too dirt cheap, i maxed it out before 20(which 2 other guys does too as well) which make the game easy from 20-30, then they leak ALITTLE, which king cleans up easily. Lumber upgrade make it cost Lumber as well, and maybe MORE upgrade, make it a +1 lumber upgrade so you have more to upgrade rather than a few, i think the current one is only 6 times upgrade, from +7 +9 . . . . + 17

-(CHAOS)If possible please make additional summoning having chaos stats as well, else they would just be useless unless aura..

-the additional units from the other barracks is fine but units like the troll batrider doesnt tell you what skill it does except that it drench the ground with burning oil.. damage??? duration? not told.. and creeps summoned can be more interesting, i can provide ideas if you want, since there are 40 levels, perhaps providing even stronger creep would make sense, creep that would be as stronger than a level 30+ unit? the Demon hunter is spelled wrongly too.. and its fairly weak, maybe give it range and chaos attack. Most creeps attack doesnt suit their own unit model.. like shaman did pierce where he threw his boomerang thingy and should be normal damage? =/

-THERE is still a restriction on how many worker you can build up to certain level, and this information is unknown, perhaps provide sufficient information about this or remove the restriction, and make the rounds harder so people would have to build more rather than just spam worker..

-Regeneration of king's should maybe increase like 2 per level, on maximum level it would give 70 regen which is at least decent

-Legion TD 2.9 doesnt show you can put -gg as a command, maybe add that in the start so new hosts know about it!

-Make dual builder mode PICKABLE ( seems easy but i would like to start this on chaos mode x3, since theres no CB ) ( AND BUFF THE CREEPS ATTACK!!! ) bounce


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