Mac Bug w/ Goblin Brawler

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Mac Bug w/ Goblin Brawler

Post  Legimus on Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:10 pm

The Goblin Tier 5 unit, the Brawler, has a pretty ugly bug on it with macs. I assume macs because I see them get upgraded and whatnot in games, but when I attempt to upgrade them as a goblin player, it causes the game to crash. Actually, it's worse than that. I may BUILD Brawlers as Goblin, it builds, and it will go into combat and perform its function just fine. HOWEVER if I attempt to click on it during the building period (outside of combat), WC3 crashes and I must force quit. Now, I may click on the Brawler during the combat phase when it is a unit and not a building, and nothing happens. This bug only occurs during the building phase. I've tested it several times and found no way to avoid it. PLEASE FIX.


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