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Post  tester on Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:11 am

Ok procurator.. read it and see whas you think...
So i'll try to do what you asked..
U did a good list. Very Happy

- Attack changed from 10-12 to 13-15.

- Cost upgrade from 50 to 95.
- Removed unit.
- New unit -> Vulture.
- Attack damage from 23-26 to 10-10
- New ability -> Flame Thrower: attack in 300 line.
- Have 300 range.
P.S:(Fine vehicle that fires flames in line.Better in early game.)

Flying Machine:
- Cost from 80 to 75.

- Upgrade costs 160 gold.
- Reconstrution ability removed.
- He has 6/6 mana.
- Each attack get 1 mana.
- New ability -> Flak Cannons: In sixth attack he throw bombs who deals 25 damage to max 8 units.

Dwarven Warrior: No change.

- Blood Lust removed.
- New ability Blood Stealth -> Turns this unit invisible. When attack deals 35 bonus damage and gains +20 AS/MS, last 12 seconds and 15 second cooldown.
P.S.:Faster attacker, can be invisible to dodge from attacks and attack another unit.Like Naga's Komodo.

- Cost increase from 160 to 180.
- General model type modified and changed name from 'General' to 'Sorcerer'
- Accuracy Aura removed.
- New ability -> Arcane judge: The Sorcerer uses the Arcane powers to judge his enemy, dealing 25 damage to enemies and healing alies in 100 Hp. Area of effect:200(enemies)(15 max units). Heal:500 AoE (10 max units).
- 30 sec. cooldown.
P.S.: I focused on that skill to help both the offense and defense in healing their troops.

- Upgrade cost increase from 165 to 195.
- Archmage model type modified.
- Enchant Accuracy Aura removed.
- New ability -> Divine Sentence: Calls 12 Divine Wisps that deals damage on enemies and heal alies units last 10 seconds.
- 50 sec. cooldown.
*Devine Wisps deals 10 damage per second and heal 10 hp per second.
*Hp regen can't stack.
P.S.: (My suggestion is use this skill like DotA's death prophet - krobelus -)


- Change his name from 'Shieldbreaker' to 'Squire Of War'.
- Defend ability remake.
*Now when shieldbreaker have 30% hp or lower, has 30% to defend 10 damage.
- Hp grown from 835 to 900.


- Upgrade Cost from 180 to 190.
- Change his name from 'Thane' to 'Thor'.
- Hp buffed from 1580 to 1810.
- New passive ability -> Thunder Prodigy: Force all units in 325 aoe to attack this unit.


- Upgrade Cost from 180 to 190
- Change his name from 'Axethrower' to 'Gryphon's Rider'.
- Change his model to /Human/Gryph Aviary/Gryphon Rider.w3g.
- Attack speed nerfed from 0.5 to 1.2.
- New passive spell -> Chains Of Lighting: Have 35% chance to attack release a lighting chain that deals 60 damage and jumps until it reach to Zero.(Ex.:60,55,50,45,40.....0 )


- Change his name from 'Paladin' to 'Omni'Knight'
- Shock ability removed.
- New ability -> Divine Shield: Paladin becomes invunerable to attacks last 2.5 seconds.(30 seconds cooldown)

Battle Priest:

- Change his name from 'Battle priest' to 'Bringer Of Light'
- Holy Shield just works only others 'Omni'knights/Bringers Of light'.Like him.
- New ability -> Ressurection: Ressurrects a alie unit that are in 1-4 tier.(Can cast once only).

I made this changelog focused on the strength of dwarven and light them representation.

Comments... sunny sunny sunny


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Re: Rework...Dwarven..

Post  PROcuratorDotA on Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:42 pm

Cool. That is so much better I want to use models of Goblin Sapers And Mortars in proper races and remove it from Demi but I have no idea how to fill these gaps.

Flamehrowers - YES! Alternate maximal upgrade for crossbowman, other upgrades: Splash dmg like Mortar (cheap) and/or (if egze doesn't complain about new mode) next better crossbowman (slow powefull attack).

Invisible Berserker? Nooo Very Happy

Gyrocopter - I already know how to make this unit

General - unfortunatelly he must stay the same, maybe aura will change to (3-6)% dmg ignoring - it's still deffensive race.

Shieldbreaker - he's ok, maybe we will remove def belo30% hp and add some chance to ignore some dmg, Idk yet.

Thane - must stay similar, Thunderthane will be something new

Oh YEAH Axethrower stays but he will get upgarded to Gryphon Rider getting powerful shocking area magical attack.

Paladin - Omniknight - no change name, no more copying ;P name stays. Divine Shield appear below 20% hp for 3sec. (unless being killed too fast! It's important for Paladin on high lvls on Insane mode) same skill on further upgrades but +0.5sec each.

Battlepriest - stacking aura of +1 armor (maks. +5), Divine Shield (3.5sec)

Bringer of Light - Tier 6 - upgraded twice, area light effect with cd. 6, some dmg and heal, ressurection (works only on cheap units up to at example 250 gold overall cost), Divine Shield (4 sec.)

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Re: Rework...Dwarven..

Post  cobaltz5 on Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:58 am

er procurator, whens the nxt vers coming out? it's been awhile le


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Re: Rework...Dwarven..

Post  PROcuratorDotA on Thu Oct 28, 2010 1:04 am

Now we are waiting for next egze's version 2.8 (90%) but following ones I will influence, probably egZe+Procurator, gonna see what he will introduce.


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Re: Rework...Dwarven..

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