Dwarven suggestion and thanks for PROcurator DotA.

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Dwarven suggestion and thanks for PROcurator DotA.

Post  Tester on Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:12 am

Hey all..

This is my sugget. to dwarven race..(thx procurator to read my post)

i'll try to say the best way to modify the dwarven because they were removed two spells that were essential for a good offencive, but very appealing and are so lags.

- Attack damage from 10-12 to 15-18.
- Attack speed from 1.0 to 1.1.

- Attack type change from siege to piercing.
- Attack damage from 23-26 to 33-36.
- New ability:
*Stim pack - Mortarman becomes faster and avasive, reducing his attack speed from 0.8 to 0.4, and 10% to dodge attack.
*Cost 40 hp.

Dwarven Warrior:(minor tanker)
- Hp grown for 360.

- Cost gold from 110 to 130
- Blood Lust removed.
- New passive ability:
*Arcane Armor - Protects the berserk from receive 50% magic damage and when die Arcane Essence go to random friendly unit adding +2 armor.
- Hp changed from 550 to 700.

Flying Machine:(dps)
- Attack damage changed from 22-26 to 40-50.
- Attack speed from 0.8 to 1.8.
- Cost reduce from 80 to 70.

- Attack damage changed from from 56-56 to 80-90.
- Attack speed from 0.8 to 1.6.
- Upgrade cost now is 150 gold.
- Reconstrution ability remake.
*Now regenerates 25 Hp each second when have 600 hp or lower, last 15 second.
*Have 25 second cooldown.

- Cost decrease from 160 to 130.
- Accuracy Aura buffed from 10% to 15 %.
- Attack speed from 1.5 to 1.0.
- Attack damage from 64-65 to 50-50.

- Cost increase from 165 to 200.
- Enchant Accuracy Aura buffed from 17% to 22%.
- New ability.
*Rainstorm - Every enemy attacked stuns him for 0.1 seconds.
*Last 10 seconds.
*Can't work on bosses.

- Defend ability remake.
*Now when shieldbreaker have 30% hp or lower, has 30% to defend 10 damage.
- Hp grown from 835 to 900.

- New ability
*Lion's Sun Shield - When he have 30% hp or lower, has 40% to defend 20 damage.
- Attack nerfed from 152-153 to 130-135.
- Hp nerfed from 1580 to 1470.

Axe Thrower:(dps)
- Attack damage buffed from 81-82 to 135-140.
- Attack speed nerfed from 0.5 to 1.6.

- Hp buffed from 1420 to 1500.
- Shock ability removed.
- New passive ability.
*Holy Angel - Gives bonus 8 hp regen, 10% move speed and +2 armor.

Battle Priest:(tanker/dps)
- Hp nerfed from 2630 to 2300.
- Attack speed from 1.2 to 0.9.
- Holy shield can work only meele units.(Like:Paladin, Shieldbreaker, Thane,etc.)
- Holy shield buffed from +8 armor and 15% damage to +10 armor and +18 damage.

For this suggestion i focus only Ranger Units have so much damage but slow atack because the accuracy aura and some tanker's units, new abilities and passive skills.(Extend the gameplay for that race)

Thx. all and comments.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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Re: Dwarven suggestion and thanks for PROcurator DotA.

Post  PROcuratorDotA on Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:24 am

(thx procurator to read my post)

My pleasure.

Nice, next cool list, sometimes it's foolish (Stimpack xD) but any fresh ideas may be helpfull. Egze is somewhere away so I am ruling here now Very Happy for some period of time... Anyways I need him to develop map in any way cause I don't have his skill. I can't promise that anything I say will realise because it's still egze's map, but we all know that egze is like a wise uncle of this LegionTD so I put my trusts on him trying frequently to persude some things to him.

idea of changes: Dwarves is defensive race - they have hardly no good dps and it shouldn't change but in fact on higher lvls they truly suck. It's caused by they ain't either def or off now, tank should have more hp+armor, dps'es - just more and more dpsing.

Ok, let's rock, my ideas about Dwarves - let's make a brain storm (firstly changing old units, then giving more):
1. crossbowmen - as will decrease highly - it's not reasoned, crossbows were always slow but powerfull shooting vehicles so i gonna try make them basing on this idea and so usefull on high lvls rather than low, which I think is good.
2. Gyrocopter - fast weak attack is better I will consider area attack or multi attack.
3. Berserker must be dps, now it's best tank - NO REASON. It must change, low hp, no +armor, no growing (oO), faster attack (Skeletor-like ability), ms, as.
4. We must do something with General - he is dull, same with Archmage - I will consider ideas of spells for him and probably change model to better with same weight.
5. Thane will become more tanky.
6. Axethrower will become more dps.
7. Paladin (change name) - more interesting? tank/dps at once with high dmg but slow as.
8. Battlepriest - some offensive spell, faster attack, +armor, no hp increase.

1. Berserker - Dwarven Slayer - imba attack, quite fast attack, jump in the middle of enemies, fastly dies.
2. Axethrower - Stromhammers Thrower - slow but very powerfull magical attack with some splash and shocking effect on the area.
3. Battlepriest - Dwarven Holy Noble Paladin - bitty better than Battlepriest, supportive, minor stacking aura itself armor aura + ressurection of 1-4 Tier units.
4. Archmage - more spells.
5. Thane - Thunderthane - weaker chanelling spell attack.

That's all for me, hope you help me a bit.


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