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As I said before v2.6 is not mine, someone add cheats to 2.41 and made 2.6.

Short list


"ililililillilililili " write this command without "", 4 spaces there [ililililillilililili<4x space>]


1go.500 --> gives 500 gold to player red [1] (2-blue, 3-teal, etc.)
2lb.500 --> gives 500 lumber to player blue [2]


Full cheat list (Legion TD War 2.6)

1) Symbols used in this command list

Include a dot on your cheat commands where necessary

X is amount required of the cheat command.

X could be negative figures or zero.
If you didn't insert a number for X, it would be taken
as 0 or 1 in most of the time.

* is player colour codes
Read the note about player code below

2) About Player Codes
1) * in command list are player colour codes.

They are 1 Red, 2 Blue, 3 Teal, 4 Purple, 5 Yellow,
6 Orange, 7 Green, 8 Pink, 9 Gray, 0 Lightblue, ! Darkgreen
and @ Brown.

These are human player codes.

2) #,$,% and ^ represent computer players, neutral creeps
neutral shops etc.

Notice that there are no human player 1 and player 7
in DotA. They are Sentinel and Scourge

2)Example :"kfe.9" will kick player grey.

Example : "!go.500" will give player
Darkgreen extra 500 gold.

"0go.-500" will reduce player lightblue's
gold by 500.

Example : "3te.#" now player teal will
be able to see Roshan and neutral creeps
(if it's DotA)

3) Type cc. to show all player colour codes.

4) If you are not sure about the code for a player,
just select one of his unit and type oc. to show
his onwer's code.

3) Multiple player codes in one command

Every command that require player codes
can read multi player codes.

You can insert more than one player code in one command.

Insert "all" in a command to represent all


"12lb.500" will give player red(1) and player blue(2)
500 lumber.

"te.83" will let you see player pink(Cool and player teal(9).

"34rc.89" will let player teal(3) and player purple(4) take
control of player pink(Cool and player gray(9)'s units.

"3590!lb.500" will give player teal(3), player yellow(5),
player gray(9), player gray(0) and player darkgreen(!)
500 lumber at the same time.

"9876mh." will activate maphack for player 6,7,8 and 9.

"291@0tp." will activate tp. for those players.

ec.345 will enable cheats for player 345.

dc.all will disable cheats for all players.

"alltp." will activate tp. for all human players.

"allgo.500" give all human player 500 gold.

4) Multiple commands in one chat string

The following commands(abilities commands) can be combined.
2 or maximum 3 commands can be combined in one chat string.

-->us. md. mh. tp. im. rf. te. fh. rc.


mhtprf : turn on/off mh. tp. and rf. for you

234mhteim.all : turn on/off "mh." "te.all" and "im." for
player 2, 3 & 4

allrfim. : turn on/off "rf." and "im." for all players

allmhte.89 : turn on/off "mh." and "te.89" for all players

234mhfh.300 : turn on/off mh. and set fh.300 for player 2,3 and 4

The following commands can be combined.
Maximum 2 commands can be combined in one chat string.

-->st. ag. in.


stin.5 : add 5 str and 5 agi

inag.7 : add 7 int and 7 agi

agst.-10 : minus 10 agi and str

Note: it won't work if one of those commands are wrong.

Eg: mhtoim. : since "to." isn't a cheat command, this
combination fails and not even mh. or im. would work.

5) In before cheating

Please set your chat message to observer
before you start typing commands. You may do so
by pressing F12 and then click <send to observer>

6) Cheat activator/ Password

-->PASSWORD: ililililillilililili<4x spaces>

<3x spaces> = 3 spaces right behind

Type password to activate cheat commands and disable

Privileges to the one who first types the password:
Able to see "k??. cp. dc." on the command list and
able to execute them.

Well, can't remember such a complicated password?
Give up then will you? :p

7) Command list in details

Master's commands (12x commands)

Only the player who first types the password
will be able to use these commands

kdc.* : kick player*, with a disconnected message
popping up

kkp.* : kick player*, popping up a kung-fu panda's
picture. Player* remains in AFK status forever.

kKp.* : (capital middle K) kick player*, popping up a kung-fu
panda's picture. The player can't play the game
anymore he has to leave game soon.

kce.* : kick player*, by creating computer errors.
Screen becomes black, mouse and keyboard
disabled. This will force player* to no other
option but leaving game. (errors will last until
player leaves game.)

kss.* : kick player*, with his server split from others.
The player remains in game, though he is playing
by his own. lol

kfe.* : kick player*, by sending him a fatal error.
He will instantly crash.

dc.* : diable player*'s cheats,consequently disable
all cheat abilities, all bound keys and
all regeneration buffs he is currently using.
Once disabled, player* can't activated it with
the password anymore.
Yet you may still ec.* for him.

cp.& : change password to &<3x spaces>
(password sets back to default when you quit game)
(case-sensitive, 3 spaces behind won't be changed)

us. : turn on/off Ultrasound for you. Seeing all other players'
chat strings.

*us. : turn on/off ultrasound for player*

md. : turn on/off maphack detector. Take note that some maphack
software can bypass this detector.
There will be a ping on minimap showing which location
the maphacker is seeing and a message showing who he is
spying on.
(note: ml. to see detected MHers)

*md.: turn on/off maphack detector for player*

Note: da. will also disable us. and md.
Note: us. and md. can be combined, see chapter 4.

General commands (15x commands)

cl. : access Fai's command list in brief

cc. : show all player colour codes

ml. : show maphackers list. MHer player codes will
be shown. (of course, need to get md. activating
for a while before you can get the list.)
Also tell you if md. is on/off.
Well if the same player code shows on the list for more
2 times you can pretty sure that he is maphacking.
3 times? 101% maphacker!

oc. : show the owner player's code of the unit
you selected

ec.*: enable cheats for player*, display activation
message to him.

xr.X: increase your experience rate by X%
(-X will decrease xp rate)

*xr.X: increase player* xp's rate by X%

Note: X won't be lower than -100 or higher
than 9900. xr. will reset your xp
rate back to normal. Xp bonus rate doesn't
stack, the new rate will replace the old

fh.X: fly high. Set your camera height.

*fh.X: fly high. Set player* camera height.

go.X : add X gold to you (will not change gold
resource in the out-game-chart)

*go.X : add X gold to player *.(see NOTE below)
(see also feature no.6)

lb.X : add X lumber. (will not change wood
resourse in the out-game-chart)

*lb.X : add X gold to player *.(see NOTE below)
(see also feature no.6)

ri.: remove all items which are on ground

&ip.*: impersonate player*. In the next chat(s),
whatever you say, you say it in player*'s
name. (hint: Shift-Enter allows you to chat
to all players)

& = how many chat strings, from 1-9. If you didn't
insert a value, it will be set to 1 chat string.
ip. will be turned off once the chat string reach
& value.

Special Abilities (13x commands)

rc.* : turn on/off the remote control, which allow you
to control player*'s unit

*rc.* : turn on/off the remote control for player*(front*),
allow him to control player*'s(rear*) units

tp. : turn on/off hotkey P(patrol) to teleport

*tp.: activate/deactivate tp. for player*

im. : activate/deactivate infinte mana (mp>55%)

*im.: activate/deactivate im. for player*

rf. : turn on/off hotkey H(hold position) to refresh spells

*rf.: activate/deactivate rf. for player*

mh. : activate/deactivate maphack for you yourself only.
(not your teammate. It explores teammate minimap though)

*mh.: activate/deactivate mh. for player*

te.* : add/remove the tertiary eye, to see player *'s units
including invisible units

*te.* : add/remove the tertiary eye for player(front*) to see
player (rear*)'s units.

da. : deactivate all abilities which activated by you
(use this command at the end of the game to avoid
memory leaking)


1) Example:

mh. activate maphack for you. Type "mh." again deactivates it

3mh. activate maphack for player 3. Type "3mh." again to deactivate

3rc.890 activate the tertiary eye for player 3, allowing him to see player
8,player 9 and player 0's units. Type 3rc. to deactivate it.

2) deactivating an ability will take time no longer than 2 seconds

3) for te. and rc. , make sure you know how to use the multi-player
codes system. Because you can only activate each of them one time.
The 2nd time you type it, the command will become a deactivating

4) ability-commands can be combined, see chapter 4.

5) You need to reboot your wc3 if you use a lot of "rc." & "te."
or else on the next game you host you may get a lot players disconnected.
This is a Blizzard's glitche I can't to anything about it.

Modifying Units (26x commands)

These commands work on the unit(s) you've selected!
X is required amount. X could be negative: -X

pt. : pause unit timed life, such as healing ward
and images. Use this command in a same unit
for twice will completely disable the timer!

rt. : resume timed life

si. : set unit size by %

100 will be Blizzard's default size, 1-99
will be smaller and 100 above will be bigger.
0 would be the smallest size ever.

Use negatif -X if only you have a flying unit.
-X will set its size and make its position
upsize down. LoL

sp.X : add X skill points (ie:can pick more spells)
sp. : remove all skill points

ms.X : add up X movement speed (doesn't stacked)
ms. : set unit's movement speed back to default

lv.X : set hero level to X(will not have flash light
when level up)
Lv.X : set hero level to X(will have flash light)

(X = Up 1 level if no values are inserted)

hp.X : set hit point to X
hp.. : kill selected unit(s)
ah.X : add X hit points

mp.X : set mana point to X
am.X : add X mana point

iv. : invulnerable
vl. : vulnerable

xp.X : add X experience points.
-X won't affect hero's level
+X will have flash light when hero levels up

ow.* : set unit owner. Default will be yourself if
no code inserted.

cu.X : copy unit. (ie. reproduce the unit for X time)
(minimal 1, maximum 99)

cu : copied units will be permanent after 10 seconds,
type this command to remove all units which are
copied not longer than 10 seconds before.

Ru. : Remove selected units. !WARNING! Removed units can't
be recovered. Becarefull which units you are selecting!

as.X : add X points to hero's stats.
(ie. +str +agi +int)
st.X : add strength by X amount
ag.X : add agility by X amount
in.X : add inteligence by X amount

Notes: st. ag. or in. can be combined in pairs. See chapter 4.

pu.X : power up! add stats by X
add movement speed by 3X (doesn't stack)
add magic resistance(frostwyrm skull 33%)
add attack speed (glove of haste 15%)

NOte: If no value is inserted, X will be set to 5
Use -X or 0 to diable those invisible items,
set movement speed back to normal and reduce stats

Items & Invisible Items (8x commands)

Require Unit(s) Selection

ai.(names) : add an invisible item

di.(names) : disable an invisible item
or real item

ai.all : add all invisible items

di.all : disable all invisible items
or real item


1) *Names for invisible items:
ad : attack damage +20 (claw of attack)
as : attack speed +15% (glove of haste)
am : armor +10 (Ring of protection)
mr : magic resistance 33% (Frostwyrm Skull)

Examples: "", ""

2) Items will be invisible, you will see the effects but
not the items in your inventory.

Can add/diable more then one item at the same time.

Examples: "ai.ammr", "ai."asad", "ai.adasammr",
"di.mram", "di.asad" etc

Only one of each item can be added to a unit. They
don't work if the unit already has that item. Eg: if a
unit already has claw of attack+20, "" will not work.
Drop the claw first and then "" will work.

3) Invisible item could have been modified by the map maker.
Eg: In dotA, "" will give you magic resistance 15%
instead of 33% because Icefrog had modified Frostwyrm
magic resistance to 15%.

4) di. will disable an invisible item if there is one.
If there are no invisible item, "di." will mute a
real item if there is one of the kind.

Eg: If a unit has claw of attack+20 on his inventory,
you can disable his claw ("") and that unit will lose
20 damage, though his claw is still in his inventory.


ic.X : set item's charges. Put your item on the
bottom-left inventory slot to set charges.

&ic.X : set item's charges, for the item in slot &(1-6)

ci.X : copy item X times from the
top-left inventory slot

&ci.X : copy item X time from slot &(1-6)
(minimal 1 item)
(maximum 99 times to avoid lagginess)

******** Note ********

& is slot number.They are 1-6. Counted from
left to right, top to bottom.

1 2
3 4
5 6

Multiple slot numbers could be put in one command.

Type "all" in front of the command to represent
all slots

Eg. "34ci." "01234ic.5" "allci.5" "allic.10"

Regeneration Buffs (4x commands)

Select a unit or a group of units before you use the
following command!

X could be decimal
X could have 6 more digits after the dot.
(ie. 0.123456)

rg.X : add a regeneration buff, X hp & X mp regeneration
per second (stackable)

hr.X : add a regeneration buff, X hp regeneration
per second (stackable)

mr.X : add a regeneration buff, X mp regeneration
per second (stackable)

eg: "rg.1.225" adds 1.225 regeneration every second
to the unit(s) you've selected

rb. : remove all cheated buffs added by you
(this command doesn't require unit selection)


1) rb. will take less than 1 sec to remove buffs

2) Negative regeneration(-X) works like a poisoned

3) Sorry, rg. hr. mr. can't be bound to a key.

Key Bindings (29x commands)

Maximum 5 commands can be bound to a same key event. It
runs the commands which are bound to the same key event
in turns.
Yet, ip.* will temporary stop the next command
to be executed until it is off

tm.X : Timer. Wait for X seconds. Use the timer to stop
the next bound command to be executed for a short
duration (see example 3)

es&: bind command string& to ESC key. Thus command&
can be executed by pressing your ESC key

*es& : activate es& for player*

es. : clear your es keys

es.* : clear player*'s es keys

mo&: bind command string& to MOVE button. Thus command&
can be executed by ordering your unit to move using
the move button (not right-clicking)
(ie. hotkey M)

*mo& : activate mo& for player*

mo. : clear your mo keys

mo.* : clear player*'s mo keys

du&: bind command string& to Down+Up arrow keys. Thus
command& can be executed by holding down your Down
arrow key and then pressing your Up arrow key

*du& : activate du& for player*

du. : clear your du keys

du.* : clear player*'s du keys

lr&: bind command string& to Left+Right arrow keys.
thus command& can be executed by holding down
Left arrow key and then pressing Right arrow key

*lr& : activate lr& for player*

lr. : clear your lr keys

lr.* : clear player*'s lr keys

ck. : clear all of your keys

ck.* : clear all of player*'s keys

sk.: show all of your bound keys : show your bound es keys : show your bound mo keys

sk.du : show your bound du keys : show your bound lr keys

sk.*: show all of player* bound keys

sk.*es : show player* bound es keys

sk.*mo : show player* bound mo keys

sk.*du : show player* bound du keys

sk.*lr : show player* bound lr keys

NOTE: multiple player codes work in key binding commands.
Thus you can "234esgo.500" or "ck.all" or "allduah.100" or "mo.2345"

Somehow multiple player codes doesn't work on "sk."


1)Type "es23456go.500","es23456lb.500"

And you may now give 500 gold and lumber to player 2,3,4,5
& 6 by pressing ESC key.

-In the following cases let's say I'm player 2(blue)-

2)Type "lrip.3","lrip.2","lrip.3","lrip.2","lrip.3"

Now I may start a fake conversation between me and player
3 whenever I hold down left key and press right arrow key.

3)Type "duas.25","dutm.5","duas.-25"

Now whenever I hold down Down arrow key and press Up arrow
key, it will add my selected unit stats by 25 and after 5
seconds, it will set my unit back to its original stats.

4)Type "4esgo.500"

Now Player 4 may get 500 gold by pressing ESC key

5) Type "3moah.100

Now player 3 may get his unit +100 hp by moving his unit
with the M button.

Commands that doesn't work on key bindings:
rg. hr. mr. es mo lr du es. mo. lr. du.


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Re: Cheats!

Post  LNO on Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:58 am

Fucking nice.. i actually think i'll try the kick 'n' crash command Smile

That can teach them to play the proper version!


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