Paladin guide for B4(7-5 and no leaks at 10)

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Paladin guide for B4(7-5 and no leaks at 10) Empty Paladin guide for B4(7-5 and no leaks at 10)

Post  tasos on Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:49 pm

Hello, here is a paladin guide for legion td mega b4 from 1 to 20 wave. Most people thing paladin is good only for early game and they usualy change him but if u are from those paladin lovers here is a gameplay with leaks only at 14(optional) and 17(100% there is no way to pass this wave if u want t have good lumber) but 0 leaks in all other waves and a REALY strong late.

NOTE: if you want this to work you need to build near the wall in a line more specificly build the 3 elites near the wall the 1 behind the other and the fourth near the second in fronf of the fourth and near the first build the knight and behind te fourth and near the third build the dark ranger, the second knight near the other knight. NOW LISTEN UP the main thing is to have 4x elite archers 1x knight 1x upgraded knight and 1x dark ranger lvl 11 at wave 10 so dont be confused at the waves where i write many choises just follow 1 of them and keep in mind that your coal is these units at wave 10, now if u didnt build good (not all places on walls have same resolts sometimes if u build 2 far elites hit less than 5 units and u may leak in that case u need to be carefull) instead of second knight at 10 u can build 1 or 2 swordsmen or 1 upgraded ats its ok you still wont leak at 10as long as dark ranger is lvl 1 and u have 4 elites and an upgraded kinght(u do need the second knight tho dont skip him)

wave 1) 1x wisp and 1x elite archer (lumber 1/0)
wave 1-2) 2x wisps
wave 2) 1x archer (lumber 3/0)
wave 2-3) nothing at all
wave 3) 1x elite archer (lumber 3/0)
wave 3-4) 3x wisps
wave 4) 1x archer (lumber 6/0)
wave 4-5) nothing at all
wave 5) 1x elite (lumber 6/0)
wave 5-6) 1x wisp 1x lumber upgrade
wave 6) here u build depending on the gold u have u need 1x archer or 1x elite(the best choice) or 1x knight it doesnt realy matter what you will build since you will have exacly the same units you need for 7 at 7 (lumber 7/1)
wave 6-7) nothing at all
wave 7) if u build just an archer in wave 6 then you build 1x elite and 1x knight, if u build elite on 6 then u just build a knight and if u build knight on 6 then you simply build an elite and in all cases u need 1x dark ranger(lvl1) the units u need at 7 are :4x elite archers 1x knight and 1x dark ranger(lvl1) (lumber 7/1)
wave 7-Cool 1x lumber upgrade
wave Cool up your dark ranger as much as you can or u can make a second knight if u have the gold or upgrade the knight you already have (lumber 8/2)
wave 8-9) 1x lumber upgrade
wave 9) in this wave u have to give it all to dark ranger she needs to be at least lvl 7 if u want t have time t max her for 10, ofc if u have gold to build ur second knight or upgrade 1 of the 2(depending on what u decided for Cool and dark ranger is already at lvl7 build them but keep in mind if she isnt at least 7 here you will nomraly leak at 10 cos u wont have time t build her lvls (lumber 7/3)
wave 10) here u need 4x elite archers 1x knight 1x upgraded knight and the most importand 1x dark ranger lvl 11 in that wave you build whatever u need depending on your previus choises trying t make these units, you wont leak anything unless you get realy overspamed (every1 would leak in that case tho)
wave 10-arena) 2x lumber upgrades for the 7-5

the rest in realy easy you just make a lumber upgrade in all waves(up your knight at wave 12 he will own sirens) (2 on 15 where u dont build u only make lumber) and try to build at least 4 gryphon raiders and 1-3 healers( it also works without them but sometimes u may have only 130 gold t build ,just build few not manyotherwise you wont have 4 gryphons and you will leak at 10) then you just spam gryphon raiders and u dont even leak at 24 or 28 and ofc you are very strong at 30 after the bosses(you wont leak wave 30 bosses)

NOTE:at wave 14 if u dont make lumber upgrade then u can build a new knight and upgrade him if u do this u wont leak at 14 but i suggest you to go via the lumber way since u need income for lategame and it will pay off, your leaks wont be that many anyway just do this if ur teammates are noobs and u need t def thier leaks

i hope i helped go ahead and test this


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