3.5 b6 prophet replays (Nortan)

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3.5 b6 prophet replays (Nortan) Empty 3.5 b6 prophet replays (Nortan)

Post  Nortan on Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:26 pm

I'm going to start keeping track of my -ph 3.5 b6 games as prophet in case anyone finds them useful. I'm not going to do any cherry-picking whether good or bad :d


Public game: tuskar warrior / wanderer / ice troll / overseer / cyborg / lord of death. I rerolled lvl 25. My teammates all leaked 1 low health boss on lvl 10 that I devoured happily ^_^. Game ended on 29 btw


Public game: proton / frost wolf / tribesman / tree of travel / knight / dark priest. Rerolled lvl 27. I didn't do too great this game but it wasn't terrible.


Public game: specter / infantry / sprite / tree of travel / cyborg / sea giant. Rerolled lvl 28. Somewhat OP unit combo Very Happy


Public game WITH Rockabilly[UC] (UC clan chieftain): blood orc / ranger / sprite / necromancer / disciple / seer of darkness. Rerolled lvl 23. I did pretty good this game thanks to sprite and blood orc and minor feed. Wasn't a good game though and ended on lvl 30.

omitting last game I played cause it ended on lvl 16. I was doing fine with 3600 value and 7/11 lumber but it's not much of a game if it ends that early. It did show how good meatwagons are in the beginning of the game so perhaps I should have saved it.


Public game with Rock: goblin engineer / polar bear + junk. Rerolled lvl 4 where grizzly saved me <3. geomancer / watcher / tempest / grizzly / steamroller. rerolled again at lvl 18 and got junk. Decent game until it ended on lvl 32 due to something hilarious that I won't spoil.


Public game with Rock: reroll lvl 1 cause complete garbage (disciple/dark priest/gateguard/junk) only unit I got that mattered on reroll was machine turrets but turret is all you need! I romance the turrets in this game. You may want to ignore commentary here. I got a lot of early feed including 5 bosses on lvl 10. Rerolled again on 12 and got minotaur / druid / mermaid. Bad game that ended on 17 but I felt it was worth showing how machine turret can really save you from an otherwise terrible starting roll(s). How does rock manage to get elite archer on lvl 1 with hybrid so often o_O


Public game with Kreutertee and blackjohnny. Bad game that ended on lvl 12 but it's a decent example for using archers. I used one guard as a blocker of sorts and then just archers. Me and Johnny were pushing heavy income and there was a lot of leak onto the king on 10. Kreutertee was just messing around for the most part getting t4 early game when it's too risky to get t4 that early as hybrid imo. He ended up getting 3 medicine men...


Public game: Check out this OP unit combo. Infantry, meat wagon, disciple, guardian of death. Game ended lvl 12 when other team lost so yeah...

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