ELO bug/Summon bug

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ELO bug/Summon bug

Post  UndeadxAssassin on Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:50 am

When a whole team leaves, the empty sided king would get a buff to stats. That's assuming that the king lasts until the the round is over. This has created some issues lately. Especially if the leavers were on the east legion.

There's a bug that all or most of the summons on west legion will go to red's area every round when the other team is empty. Thus the west legion is unable to kill the enemy king and are unable gain a win and of course elo.

Is it possible for the W3MMD coding to issue a "lose" if all players are on a team leave and win for the ones that stayed if king doesn't die by the time round ends and stop recording stats from there?

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