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Post  eGze on Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:48 pm

Available links

v2.9 (22.08.2011.) - major bugfix/balance version

v.2.8beta1.05 (released 13.07.2011.) - economy fix, maverick bugfix, all the changes applied to UE

NOTICE: there is a false 2.8 version in circulation, as well as leaked UE variant which supports X3. Please don't use any of these, first is of unknown origin and may contain cheats as well, second is test version which contain a few bugs, fixed later).

thank you for understanding,

v.2.8beta1.04 (21.04.2011.) - hybrid fix (new link)

v2.7b ('-7' debug trigger removed permanently, nothing else changed)
(courtesy of Saucer)

v2.7 (please use later versions, 2.7b or 2.8beta)



ver 2.4b

ver 2.4

ver 2.3f

ver 2.3e

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