[bug] Aura's and effects stacking or not stacking

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[bug] Aura's and effects stacking or not stacking

Post  Greenwhy on Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:29 pm

some units have an aura and the aura will get better once the unit is upgraded.
I was wondering if these aura's stack or not. Are they meant to?

I know that the life steal auras of the Overseer and keeper of souls from the shadow race do not stack. The lifesteal auras give affected units an orb effect. orb effects behave quite strangely. Each unit can have multiple orb effects but only 1 of them will work. So it's completely random which orb effect the game will use for the unit when it attacks... When I play shadow and I have a keeper of souls. I won't build another overseer unless i can immediately upgrade it to keeper of souls.

I was wondering if auras like arctic's frost shield and ice shield are meant to stack or are they not. Do they stack?
The editor version of legionTD 1.5 definitely has the orb effect issue but I can't see the triggers for latest version so I don't know if they fixed it or not (it would require the ability to be completely reworked).


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