[Suggestion] Recommend value for next round in Score Board.

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[Suggestion] Recommend value for next round in Score Board.

Post  NERV on Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:02 am

The title is self-explanatory.

I know the rec. value shows up at the beginning of the rounds and there's -next and -info #, but so many things happens in the last moments of every round and many times players are not aware of the game commands, that I guess its hard for new comers to acknowledge and visualize the recommend values.

Adding one line to the score board or having the recommend value showing up instead of the mode selected in scoreboard button would incentive people to use and play with with the score board, I say that because I know some beginner's don't realize the important and usefulness of the score board in this map. This often makes them give up on the map.

I guess the mode selected would have to go somewhere else, but still remain visible, because it is also a valuable information .

Also, maybe that would remove the need of guides, because people would rely more on their value and less in memorized builds.


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