Some tips on -hp prophet

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Some tips on -hp prophet

Post  surmelk on Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:35 am

-Let the range stand close to tank midfield so tanks dont go in a ranged doomzone alone, on melee levels this also get your range to tank abit giving more value to em and kite units around a bit.
-If u get cleaving unit build in spear formation with slowing ranged units on flanks.
-If u get tree of travel build em in line with every other upgraded to slow; when it explodes it slowes down massively so this is
good against line collapse.
-Build the clockwerks with space between to have aoe stun trigger in tandem.
-Build tanks that resist magic before others, ranged dps is the priority as mass tanks clubbers when u get a few.
-Sometimes a weak flank is good if u have slowing units that make em walk around abit and makes less pressure on the melee.
-If u have good units early on do fast upgrade, i have 7/1 around 6 then, if u leak abit its no biggie having income this high early on gives lots of time to catch up to level 9/10. (If u see that the teammates can handle bossleaks u can get 7/5 at 11 and then build for all money on 12 upgrade into 12 if u have good range on 13 and tanks for 14)
-If u want game to last send small units all the time, i send militia at start and whelps when i get to the 100's in wood.
-Build lots of warlocks upgraded and unupgraded if u get it late game.
-Dryads and wyerns, nuff said
-Icebear and magnataur aura stack, dont know if stacks with tree of time but tree of travel helps them go fast and slow down faster
-Mass trolls with some upgraded to alpha males works with very little tanking.

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good tips.

Post  5v1happy on Fri Jul 20, 2012 4:51 pm

BTW, Icebear and magnataur aura stack, dont stacks with tree of time


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