Hello(from sunderkeenin)

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Hello(from sunderkeenin)

Post  sunderkeenin on Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:23 am

My name on battlenet is the same as my forums name and 3.41 got me into Legion TD.
I tend to enjoy 2.7b and 1.6 the most now(though I go for the pro map if it's up), but sometimes feel like playing some 3.41 or 3.5.
If anyone wants to play with me feel free to message me.
On 2.7b(the one I mainly play) I'm good enough with goblin to hold for around 20k value on 31(incoming is too easy. I only do it if enough teammates ask me to and play the races that grow hugely with a decent feed. ahem elf?). I'm actually not that good as most of the rest of them, but do enjoy hybrid or ghost when I hit those moods.

TL;DR(this is a summary) If you want to play some Legion TD with me feel free to message me on battlenet if I happen to be in the chat at the time. I'm usually on US west or Europe servers(I have some bad luck with the US ones sometimes even though I live in Texas).


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