cheater or buger?

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cheater or buger? Empty cheater or buger?

Post  Mitradis on Thu May 31, 2012 4:16 am

Hello. I have a question. I play in LTD3.41 and ally, he nick Klitarist (yellow, team East) in start game take hero Timmi (skin timmi, boy) and ordered 2 wisp-workers and build first unit (8gold 24wood) and he gold UP 240!!!! AS??!!! AND more in game he buy 7 wisps and up 6 wood upgrade for 3-4 minutes. And on 10 round he have 250incom... AS THIS POSSIBLE?

As he up gold on start 192 to 240????? Cheater? Bugger? If this cheater i send replay Blizzadr. If this bugger YOU MAST FIX THIS

Mod game DEFAULT (no type)

sory me english/// Thx!

filebeam-.-com/79adacb3d852c89e1efe1c476a946606 filebeam, no virus


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cheater or buger? Empty Re: cheater or buger?

Post  Mr.Teach on Thu May 31, 2012 5:17 am

he played mercenary
it is supposed to be like that
its no cheat and no bug

the towers are strong but they vanish after each round so he has to build them anew
and they cost lumber instead of gold


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