About the incoming 2.4b version

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About the incoming 2.4b version

Post  Visitor on Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:39 am

Well, this is what I think about the incoming 2.4b version

New race:
- units design: I saw that you changed the arctic builder, but one of the new units looks like infantry(mech) and the others look pretty similar to each other.

- Sea Giant will become extremely stronger(especially for x2, x3 modes) Maybe the damage of the tidal wave should be decreased.

- I liked those cepelins and mobile turrets Sad

Level 31
-Looks much better now

Kick system
- Good, but also a bad idea, cause some hosts will start to kick people with no reason, or just for fun, or if they are losing and this way the game will be f****d up. Maybe you should add a voting system( like battle tanks and many other games). If there's a noob in the team everybody can start a vote to kick this player. All players will have to vote with YES or NO. More positive votes = kick.

The rest of the changes/fixes look OK for me Smile

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Re: About the incoming 2.4b version

Post  eGze on Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:14 am

1. There are no two identical units in the game (expect medicine man and ice troll Very Happy )
2. I made Sea Giant for normal game (X1), I don't care X2, X3 because all races are unbalanced on this mode. If you like X2, X3 do what you want.
3. Yea 31+ looks good
4. Kick system have vote. I wrote a week ago lol!

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