LegionX3 Revolution A4a is OUT FOR TESTING

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LegionX3 Revolution A4a is OUT FOR TESTING

Post  von_Oberstain on Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:10 am

in shortest, after series of semi-successful tryouts on version 3 (based on 2.7 code), a new platform is nearly ready. it can be downloaded from link bellow:

no detailed changelog so far, but differences from 2.7 platform:
- 2 races new for Revolution (corrupted nature, chaos)
- 1 additional races from 2.9/3 series (blood orc)
- arena battle at the end (solved better than in 2.9)
- various balances
- added dual and triple builder modes (-db and -tb)
- returned -gg mode to 100%
- many, many more
- lag should be decreased

LegionX3 Revolution A4 (random builder bug fixed):

changelog from A2/3:
- fixed MAJOR bugs (disappearing units, random builder bug)
- added working -cb mode
- list below is still valid and units containing new upgrades are marked in tooltips

it will be appreciated if imbalances/bugs are posted on forum.

NOTE ABOUT INITIAL LAG: it is normal - earlier version has preplaced units for preload (which decreased lag later), but as Revolution and Pro share same base, number of custom units used exceeds number of actually used units on map, which probably tends to increase with addition of future X3-only units. in short, lag is tradeoff to decrease units caching to normal values.

alpha2 changelist:
- fixed problem with RANDOM, DISAPPEARING UNITS, -DB -TB NO BUILDER (all caused by same bug)
- levels 6-10 nerfed
- increased gold for some initial levels, to "stabilize" economy earlier
- various fixes from 'Pro alpha2', regarding builder pathing, double upgrades, unit balance and other things such as cosmetic changes

alpha3 changelist: [yes, it won't be released yesterday, but maybe tomorrow or friday]
- fixed slavemaster gold (thanks for submitter, i can't seem to find the post)
- introducing new 7-tier hybrid
- introducing new upgrades (each costing in total 580-700g, one per race):
a. Dreadnought - a leviathan upg
b. Nest Matriarch - medusa upg
c. Spirit of Thunder - thunderbird upg (but far better than one in Pro)
d. Void Dragon - keeper of souls upg
e. Outsider - forsaken one upg
f. Warleader - alpha male upg

etc... (my file got damaged, must rewrite some stuff so it stops there, but every race will have one)

anyhow, all those perform like t6upg (having ~2000hp, 200+ dps, etc), but don't introduce new auras and stuff that could brake balance

regarding comments, post them anywhere - i think i've unlocked all subforums, but so i did the last time... anyhow, i'll see them in any available forum, there's not yet too many that they really need organization. thanks for input everyone, once again!


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