LegionX3 future features (in progress)

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LegionX3 future features (in progress)

Post  von_Oberstain on Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:07 pm

it was a year past since egze retired. X3 players probably thought they are forgotten, which wasn't completely truth - there was a bunch of ill-fated 3.x (NOT to be confused with MEGA versions, these were based on part of 2.x code i had).

now, with saucer's and huanAK's help, there is a new platform, probably considerably less laggy and easier to modify. work title is LegionX3, version 4 (3.x were a failure). it's not a very good name, so feel free to suggest better one!

Features (in progress):
1. at least one new race, probably two
2. -db and -tb modes (dual builder and TRIPLE builder - X3, after all)
3. -cb returned, player has 2 changes (no changes when -db or -tb is used - or perhaps one with -db), changing cost gold/lumber
4. -gg returned in either 50% or full 100% mode, but it has downside now also, as well as an obvious upside
5. lumber-based economy, this time working one
6. better arena - larger area, melee creeps are in front of shooters/fliers, team with less players gets armor bonus to compensate lack of army (yes, should make even 1v4 possible to win, though hard)
7. better arena - arena doors doesn't open immediately after king is attacked, giving instead king a chance to clear up other army and open other door - after a period of time, of course
8. better arena - legion lords come in smaller numbers, making it actually possible for king to survive *some* time, making upgraded king better than non-upgraded - currently, both die instantly when lords come, regardless of strenght
9. another barracks - not another 'ultimate' one, but barrack which contain summons used throughout the game - cheap, medium and expensive ones, addition to existing ones that grew stale
10. events /optional/ - on specified levels, worst player can receive non-gold award OR best can lose a wisp or units (all according to strict rules, not to break team balance)

1. creep waves rebalanced to suit x3 better
2. summons rebalanced - even militia will serve some purpose, high level summons more powerful
3. unit rebalances - starting tiers are considerably better instead useless
4. new units for existing races - tiers 3 or 4 (in most cases) will get another upgrade equal in power with t6 - no more obligatory massing t6

and probably much more...

feel free to propose changes, but there is lot of things planned already, time-frame will allow only the best proposition to make it in reasonable time...

please, don't ask "WHEN", new platform is almost finished, races too, but giving exact date is... never a good idea

EDIT: i made this post without realizing this thread is locked, so all suggestion can be posted in 2.x suggestions thread

new platform is mainly code changes for reducing lags and making HCL enabled for bots (done by saucer)

map itself is based on 2.x (or 2.9), except arena is moved to place with more space and all lanes being wider by 2 places, and some cosmetic changes

creeps look will probably be changed to go from innocent-looking ones (crabs) to more dangerous/evil as end approaches (mainly not the stats change, just graphic)

main features are listed already, and i'll update this post as something new appears

anyhow, cosmetic and changes to map shape are done already, -cb -gg -tb is sure to be added, as well as at least one race - this is sure for 1st version. other features will appear as time permits, maybe in first, but more likely in following versions

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