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Post  Elises on Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:44 am

Test again and This is replay

Thats should be enough to prove even 7/1 after lv 1 and 7/2 in lv 4
I only get 150+ income
180+ IC can be only reach if one situation happen


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Post  shengshun on Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:18 pm

Elises wrote:
shengshun wrote:i dunno what you're trying to prove..

there are things you can't do in single player -_-

also the screenshot tells it all.. if you don't believe it then DON'T... simple.

and what the hell is a whisp.. LOL!

First, Whisp is Whelp so sry i totally forgot that you will dont understand this
i use this name with my friends thats joke in my group

Second, I tried in multiplayer game already for many times because i like to play paladin
but for quicker test i decide to use single player game and for the second time i want to use debug command to prove that sky-high income cant be reach except for one way

Third, what the hell you think i dont believe it have you ever seen in my post i always tell "except"
because i can reach that income in one way

ok for dumb guy like you it will be better if i save replay for you

now you calling me idiot... ? look yourself in the mirror.. you can't even speak well.. lmao lol!

also i don't have much time saving replay and all coz im not a nerd like you.. so go on.. and do your thing.. i have life you know..

so long kid.. jeez.. getting all worked up for this post... not even worth talking to you.. ciao lol! lol! lol!

Also: if any moderator/admin present, pls kindly close the thread.. don't want trolls flaming here and replying off topics.. thx


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