Mercenary special step

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Mercenary special step

Post  12elease on Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:59 pm

After level 15
Mercenary will have full lumber. So he can get a lot of gold and lumber to use it for level 20+

But afer level 25 he will leak some wave because not enough gold or lumber to build

Now I have some idea for close this problem
This Step will make Mercenary Strong in early-late game

Here is Detail

1. Keep gold and lumber afer level 15 or 16 (Don't build t4 unit)

2. Then you have a lot of gold and lumber in level 19+ you can use this step

***Don't forgot Upgrade "Farm"***

3. After fight end you must hurry build mercenary unit (can finish in 5 sec)

4. Change Builder and find aura unit to support as you can do

5. Make sure that new unit have over 500 value and not more than about 3000 value(recommend value/2)

6. When next wave start pick and return to Mercenary again.

7. Now you have aura for mercenary every wave

For easy decide and save scantily time you should find builder and unit herewith
1.Beast --->Troll Fighter
2.Meach --->Captain+Admiral
3.Nature --->Goliath
4.Shadow --->non
5.Elemental --->non
6.Ghost --->Apparition+Gravekeeper
7.Demi-Human --->Oracle
8.Marine --->Highborne
9.Hybride --->non or mass t3, t5 if u lucky
10.Elf --->non
11.Arctic --->Ice Troll + Ice Troll Shaman
12.Goblin --->Helicopter
13.Paladin --->non
14.Prophet --->look in this
15.Orc --->Elder witch docter
16.Undead --->Ghost
17.Mercenary --->if you find him told HuanAk :p


When you have good buff it will help you to reduce Mercenary unit and have powerful forces than only mercenary unit (in same value)

I commend to do this step between level 20-21 because it have much time to decide


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Re: Mercenary special step

Post  NERV on Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:24 pm

Sweet, never though of that before. Didn't watch the replay, but just tested in debug.


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