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new builder - forbidden builder

Post  justforfun on Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:08 pm

this builder is called forbidden builder
description its forbidden
tie 1 100 gold
gold digger
dmg 70-90
ability axepicker , gain 1 gold per whacks from this unit
upgrade:gold driller
200 gold
dmg 150-170
ability greedy strike. 70% of his attacks gain 10 gold.
tie 2 150 gold
greedy tamer
dmg 120-170
upgrade:fierce tamer
250 gold
ability :gold chain- every 3 attacks , it zaps 3 nearby enermies dealing 10 dmg and 5 gold this way.
if fierce tamer kills a creep by using gold chain it gains 20 more gold.
tie 3 200 gold
corpse stealer
dmg 150-200
ability : steal corpse - it carries the corpse and if corpse stealer still alive it gets 5 gold per corpse (max 5)
upgrade 250 gold
corpse stealer X2
ability : steal corpse - it carries the corpse and if corpse stealer still alive it gets 10 gold per corpse (max 10)
tie 4 250 gold
lumberer striker
dmg 150-180
ability :wood bat - gain 1 wood per whacks from this unit
upgrade 300 gold
lumberer striker X2
ability : nail wood bat - gain 5 0+1 per lumber upgrade) wood per whacks from this unit
dmg 180-200
tie 5 700 gold
gold mine
dmg 0
ability :gold generator - per whacks from creeps gains 5 gold.(1000 hp)
haunted gold mine
750 gold
dmg 0
ability : gold genertor - per whacks from creeps gain 10 gold (3000hp)
gold refund - if the unit stays alive, the remain hp are convert to gold (5 hp for 1 gold).
tie 6 800 gold
soul collector
dmg 0
ability: steal soul - 50 dmg nearby enermies per 3 sec and takes a soul.the soul give 10 gold and 10 wood
so what do u think ?? vry gay and imba?
if they change builder, tax is included . Also if units sold be4 the rnd starts is full refund but if it is after 1/1+ rnd the refund is 10%
thats right 10% XD. sry this is just an idea


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