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13tou's Strategy

Post  13atou on Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:52 am

Hi all,

I read a little all the topics of the category "Legion TD Mega", and I noticed that a point often returned: the strategies of the builders. Being myself not very on my builds (seen that I built, and I income, especially in the feeling), I am going to try to make an approximate build of what it is necessary to make, at which moment, when create whisp, when upgrade lumber, etc....

Well, you should not deceive itself, that is going to put one certain time before I find necessary builds to begin well, and why not try to make challenge to pass " Master of ... " ^^.

But I give myself all the same a deadline of 2 weeks from now on, in which case I would give news of the progress of the project.

Well, goodbye in game =)

13atou @ Northrend

PS: I have a question, Why my signature displays she not? :S


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