ideas for Legion TD Mega 3.4

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Re: ideas for Legion TD Mega 3.4

Post  Dazzlee on Fri Sep 30, 2011 4:32 pm

Even after death the aura lasts for a few seconds, so its no problem. Gimme a replay and maybe i can give you some improvement, if i can.


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Re: ideas for Legion TD Mega 3.4

Post  von_Oberstain on Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:09 pm

this is the way warcraft engine functions - program makes "snapshot" of a battlefield in regular intervals and check units statuses (eg, effects of auras) and gives commands (annoying target changes, "dancing" - choosing path in opposite direction and wasting time, etc). it's hard-coded and cannot be overridden in most cases.

aura thing could be fixed by, for example, making it manual with a trigger - each n sec trigger checks units surrounding aura-giver for buff presence, and adds it manually, so this is NOT blizzard aura. on aura units death, buff is removed from all units and recasted for aura givers. this is slower than normal aura, since contains additional check and normal snapshot is done anyway.

other would be casting a timed-buff in area, like the bear from warcraft does.

however, point is this type of units were made this way intentionally - through positioning you should achieve them to last, cause they won't be in front of everything and first to die.

in UE, we made admiral somewhat stronger (his stats were pretty bad), though idea of giving him increased range to become 2nd line attackers - after all, they ARE horse mounted and have spears...

bigger point is that each race has certain advantage and certain weaknesses. otherwise, races becomes generic and boring to play. "fixing" auras to last regardless of aura unit is alive would do exactly this, while learning positioning "secrets" improves person gameplay.

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Post  Zehiir01 on Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:20 am


I am new at this forum. I play on Garena. I think your map is very very good (much better than DotA, which is crap). I really like that you are accesible through forum/ I had an idea but for new version. Doesn't really know it will be good for Legion but i will share with you with my idea. My idea is and kind of mercenary. You would buy them for wood, like summons , but i would be fighters. Example unit is kraken.

Kraken 400 lumber
HP: 1250
50MP 1/per second, or 5 per kill
No attack but offensive ability.
Curse of Kraken (autocast, made from parasite) - Deals 100 damage every second until target dies. When it dies an tentacle spawn. Tentacle has 30 second duration. (10 mana cost)
Maws of the Kraken (made from Crypt Lord ability) - Each time enemy attacks you you reflect an 40% of this attack.

HP: 800
150 Damage ever 1.3 second

I had also an idea for an ultimate units also for wood. It would be invented in castle. Example Doppelganger would morph into Darkness (Demon model) which attacks faster, and with chaos damage, and with natural lifeasteal (16% not aura!) to make them even better tanks. But for a good price. Those ideas are in intend to give lumber some defensive use. I hope you will like it. Razz
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Re: ideas for Legion TD Mega 3.4

Post  Jinn.CN on Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:35 pm

New Hero idea, in honour of of HighestIncome. 

Aura: Increases lumbering speed of wisps by 2%-20% from level 1 to 10.

Level 11 ability: Adds 3 aditional lumberjack upgrades (200 gold, 200 lumber) which give +2 lumber harvest. 


-Level 21

-800 income


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Re: ideas for Legion TD Mega 3.4

Post  HighestIncome on Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:51 pm

Just lol man, just lol ^^

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Re: ideas for Legion TD Mega 3.4

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