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LegionTD Unofficial Expansion DL / FAQ

Post  von_Oberstain on Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:30 pm


This is a separate project eGze led. It is NOT 2.8, and it's NOT -X3 capable map either

A short introduction:

LegionTD Unoffical Expansion (LegionTD UE), is an evolved version of LegionTD War 1.50c, which lisk, it's original author, left as open source to public, when he decided to discontinue further development.

It also contain numerous additions, including: new races, as well as elf race added by lisk during his short-lasting return; elite barracks with high-level summons; significant lag-reducing; several optional modes.

Map focuses on balance of additional contents. Great deal of time was spent to make new races as balanced as possible.

Also, at some point, map become unhostable for people with slower connections (to be more precise, with v1.50). We hope to "bring map back to people", making it hostable once again, by reducing lags and leaks.

Connections to 2.7. LegionTD UE DOES NOT contain following modes: -X2, -X3, -gg, -cb. So, in general, it is spiritual successor of 1.6b.

Further plans. We have lot's of plans for the future, which include: improvement of existing races, mainly in graphical terms; writing professional-looking documentation - players guide helpful to both new and experienced players, also containing LTDW lore; adding new content at slower pace, while further balancing existing one, including small changes to canonical races, where needed.

eGze and von_Oberstain

v1.0 released - 29.07.2011.



newest version of map currently UPLOADED to public hostbot http://www.makemehost.com, under the name "LegionTD UE v1.0.w3x". it may take additional day or two for map to actually being added to makehost list.
this post will always state the name of newest map used on hostbot, so please don't use other versions - they are either obsolete or fake. thanks.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: This is yet another X3?
A: No. This map is exclusively made for normal games ("X1"). It will NEVER be a X3 map. Period.

Q: But, but, but... Also, with eGze as an author surely...
A: NO. While eGze is an author of 2.X versions, which contained optional X2 and X3 capabilities, this map has that portion of code turned off or removed entirely. Original plan was to continue development of this version and 2.X version as separate maps, but with shared races and additions.

A: Read more about this in "The Event" (see below)

Q: Ahhh, another cheater version, then?
A: No. Also, read more about this in "The Event" (see below)

Q: So, YOU are an author, then?
A: Nope. Amount of worldedit knowledge used far surpasses mine. Original author was Lisk, modifications were made by eGze. I did only small part of code, and only in eGze's absence.

Q: I wish to help!
A: Glad to hear. Because we need your help. Really.

Q: Rephrasing: "HOW can i help?"
A: In a numerous ways. First, as this is an open beta, playtest is much needed. So, go host the game. Spread the word. Report bugs.

Q: How can i host?
A: First results are that there is very little lag when hosting with decent connection. Data of this are limited, so as an alternative, you can host through free public hostbot at http://www.makemehost.com (please don't upload map yourself, let me do this - we don't want any additional confusion with numerous LTDW versions in existence).

Q: Anything else? You did say "many ways"...
A: If you have any of these special talents, we need your help. Don't worry, probably everyone can find himself in the "special talent" list, it's not restrictive at all. So, we need:
- a triggerer (experienced)
- a jass programmer
- a texturer
- a modeler
- a creative writer, for LTDW lore
- native english speakers, to clean our mess up
- strategy article writers
- good-willed people to point out to bugs they found
- people with talent for a constructive critique
- people with hostbots, or good enough internet connection for GHOST++, willing to host a bunch of games
- people willing to host a free hostbot games, or garena ones
- people with useful ideas or skills other than mentioned above

Q: I've found a bug/imbalance!
A: As expected for beta. But first, check if it complies with bug/imbalance rules. Those EXCLUDE:
- having 6/1 or 7/0 (and perhaps 7/1) workers at level 10, or immediately after
- having 200+ income at level 20
- having significantly more than above, when having additional income (from -hg, feeding, killing more than 1 boss, etc)
- anything connected to starting Hybrid lucky rolls
- general ability of a race to clean up certain levels with ease, while having problems with another (this is rather racial trait)
- spelling/grammar (please report, preferably with corrections included, but these are not exactly bugs)

Q: I've found a bug/imbalance other than that!
A: Thanks. Please save replay. Make a post in "open beta" thread, preferably one containing:
- a short description
- player name (one which had the bug)
- time when it happened (of utmost importance, since no one has enough time to watch closely full-house replay 1h long)
- include a replay

NOTE: Since replays tend to be rather large in size, please upload them on FREE hosting site (not one containing "captcha" entering, which bores everyone). I use ifile.it, but you can use others as well.

Q: I have a GREAT new race idea! For you to develop and include!
A: Well, if it is that GREAT idea, it will be included. Seriously. BUT! Developing and testing of four races (one of which haven't still made to open beta) took approximately 9 months. We presently simply haven't enough time to include a bunch of new races, AND test balance. So, please submit your idea using following template:
/link will follow soon. or not so soon. but it will, eventually/

Your race may be good enough, and still put on wait-list, due to lack of time. Alternatively, you can make race yourself, using open LegionTD War 1.50c Editors Version and send it, which could speed-up your race progression significantly. We plan to release open version of this with pre-made units and necessary code, to ease this process in the future.

Q: You parasites did this just to earn fame and fortune, and practically stole lisk's work!
A: Yeah. Whole truth. Take me for example, I'm centuries old vampire who tries to make himself a name in mapmaking business. I work at night, play during the daylight from cellar of my chateau, and dream of fame. A mapmaking one! Apart from those known facts, lisk's idea is truly an original one, and it was such a nice gesture that he left map open for editing. Once again, we are grateful to him for doing so.

As for 'parasite' and 'stealing ideas' parts, you may, or may not know that: icefrog is not original dota author, previous author relied heavily on AoS map made by blizzard, whole warcraft canon resembles highly of (much older) warhammer canon, first two instances of warcraft (and starcraft) were incredible similar to dune 2, grandfather of rts genre, should I go on? Think about that for a moment before calling someone a thief.

Speaking in my own name, i enjoy this map tremendously, and if lisk continued it's development, I would be a happy bloodsucker playing it and bashing noobs from cellar. When map dying become obvious, there was simple choice: do something to keep it alive, or quit. An easy choice, yes?

Q: When can we expect new version?
A: I shall address each question when time comes. Or not. Depends on time - we all have our obligations. But expect critical bugs to be fixed soon after reported, and non-critical and lesser balance problems when they accumulate in sufficient quantity.

Q: Can we expect changes to canonical races?
A: Yes. After months that passed, the meta-game evolved to such extent that balancing is needed. "Worse offenders" were fixed (see the changelog, next post), but first beta should focus on balancing new content, rather than changing established races and strategies. Fear not, we will do what needs to be done - when the time is right.

Q: I have a solution for canonical races!
A: Ok. But please don't expect for us to fulfill your dreams - see, this is not the first time i balance something. What works satisfactory won't be changed, and changes will be introduced gradually, and reverted where proved wrong.

Q: I have a problem, my icons are messed up!
A: You're using DOTA compatible customkeys.txt then. Turn it off. It's causing lots of trouble, not only for this map, but for many others, as well. Thing is, good compression speeds up loading time by 3-4 times AND is affected by customkeys.txt (again, just DOTA compatible, wc3 only version works fine. Upon request, we can leave compression out, and suffer from long loading times. This is why is beta for....

Q: I want to know more of X3, 2.8, cheats and whatever you called "The Event"
A: Ok.

The Event

eGze's map had a misfortune to be plagued with hacks. This applies to versions 2.5b and 2.6, which WEREN'T made by eGze at all, and DO contain a cheat codes injected (pretty sophisticated ones, may i add), originally made for DOTA. Please don't use those!

While making version 2.8 X3, eGze had an accident (hardware-related, and pretty expensive one), in which most of its code was lost, among other things. Several days later, "-7 cheat" was discovered.

Now, how to explain this?
eGze does not speak english very well. He made a simple debug trigger activated by "-7" string with commands in polish (same as rest of his code), first time he started editing map. It was left enabled by mistake, and is in ALL versions (you can check). It's also clearly marked and in plain sight, and NOT hidden somewhere in code.

Anyway these things happen. Problem is, he was unable to fix it in timely manner due to loss of code. Great damage was done to map reputation.

Why didn't i fix the map? To be honest, i tried, spent two days resulting in nothing (not a good mapmaker, yours truly). Also, open versions that i have are in much further development state than 2.7, any fix done by me would use some bastard code with semi-rebalanced units. So, no fix up to day, and anyway I was hoping for eGze to return much sooner. In the meantime, i have his blessing to launch open beta and final version, and do all the balancing needed, as well as adding future content. I have this in writing, in case you want to call me a thief (tread lightly).

So, if you want to believe that someone spent nine months working on map, spending huge amount of time in adding new content, just to be able to win occasionally in dishonest manner, that's your thing. I collaborated with eGze for several months, and have nothing but good experiences of it. I sure hope he'll return soon and continue his work. Mapmaking can be very tiresome sometimes, and i do much better as a player/tester/spokesperson than as mapmaker.

Q: You repeatedly said that you can't do mapmaking, yet speak of it as if you know it?
A: Long story. I was a programmer once. If I look at code long enough, i start to understand it (also applies to jass). But from mere understanding and changing tiny bits, to ability to write good and efficient code...

Q: Forgot something?
A: No! Left it for the very end intentionally! I wish to thank following persons:
- lisk, for making a truly original map after a very, very long time, and for leaving code open
- eGze, for editing map and being persistent despite all the flaming, and for being a good friend
- closed beta testers, especially nicolbolas>jace, ithion and ishamael89, for invaluable help in balancing and helpful suggestions (and for occasional games we played together, or against each other, which they were unaware of)
- good people from http://www.hiveworkshop.com and http://www.wc3c.net, for making models and spells available (mentioned in credits)
- everyone else who helped in any way, and whom i forgot right now

Q: You can write for ages, can't you?
A: No... As dawn is closing, i must slumber. But have no doubt this post will be edited. Many, many times...

Have fun, and don't hesitate to comment! (in suggestion subforum)

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