All the 2.7 races are imbalanced

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Re: All the 2.7 races are imbalanced

Post  nicolbolas>jace on Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:01 am

Go Anon wrote:It's obvious that all the 2.7 races are better than the original 1.6 races. Thinking in X3 here because that's all everyone plays. When balancing you could've compared your units to equivalent units in the 1.6 races. Instead you made them all overpowered and now no one picks anything other than Goblin/Arctic/Elf.

thats the problem, the mode "X3" makes it impossible ot balance races, also demi is very imba in x3 if you take the time to get ot level 6. so is beast, oh and ghost is more imba than in regular gameplay..... seriously, i love game balance, but if you try playing REGULAR LTDW (so crazy huh? playing the original game) you will learn how wrong you are probably. also try comparing Spawn of the dragon/aspect or minotaur/bigfoot OR dark priest/meridan to any units in the new races.....
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